Couponing 101

So I keep hearing from people wondering how to get started couponing.  It's really not that hard these days to get started saving some money.

First thing is, don't believe that you will be paying $0.00 for $1,000.00 worth of items. It's just not reality and who needs that much stuff anyways?!
There are sale cycles to follow, buy what you need to last you until the next sale!

 The next step, start getting your coupons!! I buy at least 4 papers a week now that I coupon more, but I started buying two. I recommend when you are just starting out to buy two so when things are buy one get one free you can use two coupons.
     **Hint** In Albany, the Albany Herald has limited coupons!! Try paying a little more for the Atlanta newspaper (sold at CVS and Publix) to get a lot more coupons**

Organize those coupons!
  • Find a binder or something to hold it all in! I organize mine into a binder with baseball card holders (found at Target and Walmart). Here are some of the categories I have in mine: Air fresheners, baby, bodywash, breakfast,  candy/gum, canned goods, etc.
  • Some people just organize the inserts and then when needed go searching for the coupon to cut out. Saves you from lugging around a binder. But, I carry my binder when searching for deals to match coupons. Whatever suits you best works!
  • Find something little to place your coupons, to carry into the store when you don't feel like taking that binder! I have a little pink clutch that is separated by each store. This can fit easily into my purse and holds everything that I need to shop! I bought mine for $1.00 at Target!

The Key to Saving Money!
Want to know the secret? Well here it is!
Start a stockpile and buy to keep that stash. Maybe spend a little more in the beginning to get a stockpile started.

Buy items to last you until the next sale when they are an awesome price. For example, my daughter loves chicken nuggets! Whenever I can get these for a great price, I buy a few packages that will last me until they go on sale again.

If you buy what is on sale each week, you will be amazed at how much money you start saving!! For my family, we used to spend over $500 a month on groceries, I have now cut that down to about $200 in less than a year. You can do this and you can save money!

Don't get frustrated if you don't see HUGE savings at first! You will be so excited the first time you come out of the store with a lot of savings and that will make it all worth this!!

Find those deals!
So you have your coupons, you have organized them, you know how to stockpile, now you need to know how to find the deals to grab!

I follow different sites for different stores that tell me what is a great price and which coupons to use! All I have to do is look through their lists each week, pull out/ print the coupons I need, and go to the store! It's that easy!

Any Questions?
If you want some more help getting started or have any questions, just leave a comment or email me! I would be glad to help you!!


  1. What sites do you follow that tells what is a great price and what coupons to use? I'm just starting and need help finding coupons,

  2. Hey!
    It really depends on where you want to shop but some overall good ones to follow are: and

    If you tell me some stores you want to shop, I can send you some sites for specific stores.