Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walmart Deal 9/21~ FREE razors and cheap games!

Here's how I got all of this for $7.50 (with tax)!

2 Operation Toy Story 3- Price matched to Big Lots $5.00 ea.
3 Battleship- clearanced $5.00 ea.
8 Schick 12 ct. disposable razors $1.97 ea.
1 baby clothing item clearanced $2.00
salsa (not pictured) $5.58

Used coupons:
(2) $4/1 Operation game
(3) $4/1 Battleship game- HERE
(4) $6.00/2 Schick disposables- HERE

 Subtotal: $4.34
Total after tax: $7.50

I love all of these board games I have grabbed! My daughter likes the Toy Story 3 operation and I have 4 more for presents and donation, and 5 Battleship games for presents and donations. Now, to figure out what to do with those razors...I'm thinking of donating them also.

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