Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Commissary Sales 11/3- 11/16

Commissary Sales 11/3-11/16
These are items with a savings of 30% or more.

Chill Foods

Frozen Foods


Pre-packed Meat

Kraft Shredded Cheese31%$2.00
Sorrento Ricotta Cheese32%$3.00
Skinny Cow Bar31%$2.89
Hefty Bags35%$1.19
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda34%$0.39
Quaker Cereal36%$1.99
General Mills Cereal37%$2.29
Post Cereal39%$2.00
Quaker Instant Oats50%$1.00
Quaker Oatmeal33%$1.99
Quaker Granola Bars33%$1.75
Wolf Chili w/o Beans34%$1.09
Keebler Cookies31%$1.79
Nabisco Cookies & Crackers41%$1.00
Quaker Corn Meal32%$0.99
Sunshine Cheez-Its33%$1.50
Purex Detergent47%$1.99
Campbell’s Gravy47%$0.50
Quaker Grits46%$1.29
Ocean Spray Juice33%$1.99
Kraft Mac&Cheese 4 pk.34%$3.00
Duncan Hines Brownie Mix36%$0.95
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix34%$1.50
Green Giant Mushrooms and Pieces49%$0.49
Pasta Roni Dishes
Rice A Roni Dishes
Mueller’s Pasta Shells34%$0.99
Ragu Pasta Sauce33%$1.33
Campbell’s Soup43%$1.19
Nissin Soup38%$0.29
Stove Top Stuffing40%$1.00
Equal Sweetener36%$1.50
Aunt Jemima Syrup40%$1.99
Scotties Facial Tissues31%$0.79
Marcal paper towels 8 pk.43%$3.99
Lysol Wipes38%$1.49
Oscar Meyer Bologna38%$2.00
Oscar Meyer Lunchmeat31%$2.00

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