Friday, January 20, 2012

Kmart clearance

I headed out to find some birthday presents today. I have 3 birthdays coming up so I needed some presents!! I checked out Target and Walmart yesterday but didn't find anything since their stuff was pretty much picked over from the clearance. Next stop, Kmart.

I was actually pretty pleased with Kmart today! A lot of things were an additional 40-50% off already low prices.

I got my daughter some night shorts for $0.50! I looked at a couple of shirts for my daughter around $5.00, but she really doesn't need anymore clothes at the moment and I know the huge consignment sale is coming up so I'm waiting for that.

There were little boys' suits for $7.00 though and I was so tempted to buy one!!! Super cute!!

Okay, now to the toys...

I bought these little cute toys for my daughter called "Party Animals"- $0.75 each for the single ones and $1.50 for 2 in a pack.

Moon Dough was $0.75
Trio construction sets $2.50 (small ones), the larger sets are $7.50
and a cute dress-up dress for $2.50!

There was also a guitar game and ironing board that caught my eye, but I couldnt reach them and decided to just grab the small things for now. They were around $10.00 though!

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