Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Dollar General Trip 3/13

There is a new Dollar General right up the road from me, so I wanted to see what I could get in there. Also, my husband and I ran in to grab something the other day and a $5.00/ $20.00 purchase coupon printed, so I had to use that too! :)

Here's what I grabbed:

2 Swiffer Duster Kits $4.50 each
2 Swiffer Wet Jet refills $7.00 each
2 Clorox 2 detergents $2.50 each
2 All fabric softeners $1.50 each
1 Carefree pads $1.00
4 Hershey's bars 6 pack  $1.00 each

I used these coupons:
     (2) -$1.00/2 Hershey's
     (2) -$3.00 All AND Clorox2
     (2) -free refills wyb starter kit (3/4 P&G)
     (2) -$2.00/1 Swiffer (P&G brand sampler mailed coupon)

I was unable to use my $1.00/1 Carefree coupon I printed because Dollar General is weird with their $5.00/$20 coupons!!  Instead of just taking $5.00 off, it takes off a certain amount from each item. For example, from my Carefree it took off $0.13, so of course it wouldn't take my $1.00 coupon because the product was no longer $1.00! Next time, I will give them that type of coupon first, as long as my total will be over $20.00 when I use my $5.00 one.

My total before tax was: $6.00
Total OOP: $8.03
Saved: $30.00

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