Thursday, June 30, 2011

Organizing your Coupons

Once you have started to collect coupons, the next step is organizing them in a way in which they are easily accessible in the store and when planning your shopping trip.

I am going to tell you how I organize my coupons and maybe give you an idea of how to do yours!

I have a large 3-ring binder with pockets on the inside.

Inside the binder, I bought tabbed inserts from Target for $1 each (each pack includes 5 inserts). This is what I use to separate each category, such as meat, hair products, makeup, etc.

To hold my coupons, I bought baseball card holders from Target for about $5 a pack. (each pack includes 30 card holders).

Inside the pockets I have placed my store ads for my shopping trip as well as a pen to make any changes to my shopping list along the way.
Once I have planned my shopping trip and pulled out any coupons I want to use, I place them in a small pink organizer. In case I don’t plan on buying anything else and don’t want to take my large binder into the store, I have this small one that easily can fit inside my purse.

The labels are separated by store and my coupons placed in the appropriate compartment.

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  1. Hey once the school supplies start up, keep a look out for one of those zippered pencil holders. You can put that inside your binder and store a small calculator, scissors, pen, etc. Works great!