Monday, July 18, 2011

No Time for Coupons?

As my mom and I were checking out of Walmart last night, two ladies behind us were watching as my mom's total came down dramatically. They proceeded to say "Oh, y'all are some of those coupon ladies". Soon, they began asking us how we did it and where we got our coupons.

1. I get a lot of coupons from the Sunday papers (buy at least 2 papers a week) and many more coupons from the internet now, most of which I post here for you all!

2. We "do it" by looking up deals just as you are now. There are so many blogs out there on the net that spell out everything you need to know and exactly what you need for each store!

As we were telling them all about it, they proceeded to tell us "I don't have time for that"
I felt like responding "You don't have time to save money?!!"  Unless you get into couponing like me, where I am trying to tell others about deals, it really does not take much time to cut a few little coupons and plan a shopping trip. 

The first step if you are thinking about starting to coupon, besides actually getting the coupons, is just simply "googling" where you want to shop and the deals (example: "Target deals 7/17). You will see a ton of sites pop up that show all of that week's deals with the coupons that go with them. Look how easy that was to find out what's on sale and what coupons you can use!!

I have found that you can plan a shopping trip and get your coupons organized all on a Sunday afternoon or evening. You can save money by just spending a few minutes looking up deals and pulling coupons!

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