Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shopping Totals 7/ 20

I had to do my grocery shopping today since we just got back in town. Here's what I got:

5 packs of pencils $0.19 ea.
3 packs of crayons $0.49 ea.
5 boxes of Kellogg's cereal  3/$6
2 Disney dolls $3.99 ea. (for my daughter since she was so good shopping!)
                -$5/5 Kellogg's coupon printable (no longer available)
               - $4 RR from previous trip
        = $11.40

4 Dove Deodorant w/ trial size bonus  $2.78 ea.
2 CapriSun 2 packs  $3.99 ea.
4 Bic pens 10 pack $0.50 ea.
             - (4) $2.00 Dove deodorant
              - (2) $1/ 2 Bic stationary

I just love all of these Back to School sales! Don't forget to check out my Back to School Giveaway where you can receive some of these school items!!! GO HERE TO ENTER NOW!!

Then the rest of my shopping went to Winn Dixie and Publix where I have stocked my fridge and cabinets again! Next couple of weeks I won't have to go shopping hopefully! :)

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