Sunday, August 28, 2011

Commissary Sales 8/24-9/7

All items are with a savings of 30% or more. Effective 8/25-9/7.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Manager's Specials may not be effective this entire period.
Chill Foods
Kraft Cheese 16 oz$3.0033%
Breakstone Sour Cream16 oz.$1.2931%

Frozen Foods
Michelinas Rigatoni 7.5 oz.$0.5037%
Michelinas Macaroni 7.5 oz.$0.5037%
Gorton’s Batter 24.5 oz.$2.9933%
Gorton’s Fish Sticks 24.5 oz.$2.9933%
Budget Gourmet Entrees 8 oz.$0.5037%
Skinny Cow Novelty Bar Asst.$2.8931%

Glade Fabric Odor Elim22 oz$1.9933%
General Mills CerealAsst.$1.9939%
Fiber Plus Cereal11.5 oz.$1.9942%
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies12.5 oz$2.2533%
Lysol Tub Tile Cleaner32 oz.$1.7936%
Lysol Toilet Cleaner48 oz.$2.4931%
Glass Plus Cleaner32 oz$1.2530%
Glass Plus Wipes 30 ct.$1.4932%
Keebler Crackers 16 oz.$1.9933%
Nabisco CrackersAsst.$2.0030%
Ajax Dish Cleaner34 oz$1.2930%
Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks9 oz$1.5032%
Ocean Spray Juice64 oz$2.19 30%
Ocean Spray 4 pack48 oz.$2.19 30%
Northland Juice64 oz$2.0035%
Capri Sun Roaring Waters10 pk.$1.6936%
V8 Juice 64 oz$1.7934%
Heinz Ketchup40 oz.$1.5939%
Old El Paso TortillasAsst.$0.9931%
Duncan Hines Brownie21 oz.$0.9532%
Pillsbury Cake Mix18 oz.$0.8931%
Guldens Mustard 12 oz.$0.8041%
Marcal Napkin250 ct.$1.3930%
La Choy Sauce10 oz.$0.8931%
La Choy Vegetables14 oz.$0.9934%
Campbell’s Spaghettios15 oz.$0.5534%
Pop Secret Popcorn9 oz.$1.3936%
Act II Popcorn8.25 oz.$0.8548%
Kraft BBQ Sauce18 oz.$0.8838%
Propel Water24 oz.$0.4055%

Health and Beauty
Playtex Tampons20 ct.$2.0244%

Pre-Packed Meat
Hebrew National Frank12 oz.$2.0033%
Oscar Meyer LunchableAsst.$1.2539%
Oscar Meyer Lunchmeats24 oz.$3.0032%
Oscar Meyer Sub Kit28 oz.$4.0030%

Manager’s Specials
Ken’s Dressing16 oz$1.5034%
Ballpark Franks16 oz.$1.2935%
Tropicana Juice64 oz.$2.0038%
Kraft MacnCheese Dinner7.25 oz.$0.6039%
Hinode Long Grain Rice28 oz.$0.9934%
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ18 oz. $1.2430%
Colgate Toothpaste6 oz.$1.8931%
Pure n Gentle Training PantsAsst.$3.6932%
Schiff VitaminsAsst.$6.5050%

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