Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free Trip to Publix 7/3!!

Since I had to run out anyways, I decided to make a "free" trip to Publix. I gathered together everything that was supposed to be free and bought it! I threw in some bananas and tic-tacs because they wouldn't pay me to buy the stuff. haha

Here's what I got and how:

2 Playtex sippy cups $3.99, on sale 50% off, $1.99
          (2) - $2.00/ 1 Playtex product  HERE (sign up for site and it'll be emailed to you)
2 Oscar Meyer Cracker Combos  10/ $10
         (2) - $1/1 manu. coupon
2 Kikkoman stir-fry seasoning mixes $0.99
         (2) -$1/1 Kikkoman product HERE
2 Mueller's Whole Grain pasta BOGO $1.49
        (2) -$1/1 facebook coupon (no longer available)
2 Beech-Nut Steamies Steam-Cooked Mini Meals BOGO $2.00
       (2)- $1/1 Beech-Nut Steamies or Let's Grow, HERE
1 tic-tac $1.29
         -0.75 manu. coupon
Bananas $2.19

Total (with products I threw in): $2.77
I saved :$23.21

I think I will be running back tomorrow and picking up more sippy cups, steamies, and Kikkoman mixes :)

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  1. Hey thanks for this info!! I just printed those coupons and will be heading to Publix today to get some free stuff for my grandies!

    FYI - when you include a link, change your settings so the link opens in a new tab and doesn't veer away from your blog. :-)